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Rev. & Mrs. Paul Killingsworth

(AKA “Pastor K”) has been credentialed by the Assemblies of God since 1962 and has served as senior pastor of First Assembly since 1985. Before the Lord sent Pastor Killingsworth and his lovely family - wife Karen and three daughters Paula, Karla, and Janela - to Yuma he held many offices for the Assemblies of God including District Youth Director, Northern Arizona Executive Presbyter, Southern Arizona Executive Presbyter and Assistant Superintendent for Arizona District Council of the Assemblies of God, consisting of more than 250 churches. Pastor K is committed to bringing

"...Life in the Desert".

Pastor K is a contributing writer for the Yuma Sun.  You can read the following Hope that Helps articles here:

Choose light

A Tree Planted by God

Life with a smile

A guide through strange waters

Make it Better

It Happened Before...It Can Happen Again

No Matter what has happened, you are valuable

Will it really matter in five, ten years?

You don't have to carry the potatoes by yourself

Help is available in unusual ways

Unlimited care is sustainable

Hello...Here's help now

 Help may not look like what we expect

A Pleasant Moment to Help Your Day

What's Stopping You Isn't Impossible

Starting Something is Good...Finishing is Better

How Does Your New Year Look...Good, Better, Best?

The Effect of Silent Significance

Finishing...It's a Special Joy

Help - one day at a time

Help is available upon request

God's good - but not that good

You got to give God something to work with

Keep the light on and the door open

Great article on Pastor K in The Sun

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