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Paula Milner, Pastor

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Frank Gutierrez, Pastor

   Yuma First Español

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Faces You Will See Around Yuma First Assembly

addme Learning who people are at a new church can be overwhelming. Here are some of the faces you will see around YFA with a little bit about what they do. 

  • Kelly Milner

    addmeNot only does Kelly lead Men's Ministry at YFA, he is also the lead sound/video man for the church. You can often find Kelly doing most anything that needs to be done around the building, because he is that kind of man and also Pastor Paula's husband. 

  • Lisa Avina-Lopez

    addme Lisa is the Women's Ministry leader for YFA. She also serves as secretary for the church board and point person for the coffee ministry.

  • Danielle frias

    addmeDanielle's most visible position is song leader for the worship team. She also helps with church bookkeeping and other tasks as needed.

  • Karen Driedger

    addme Miss Karen is the Junior Church leader. You can also find Karen helping with all food related things going on at the church.

  • Donna FRITZ

    addmeMiss Donna is the Girl's Ministry leader. 

  • Sherrill Thompson

    addmeSherrill is the head of the Nursery ministry at YFA. She takes care of the littles during service and is always willing to train others to help with nursery care.


    addmeFondly known as Sister K, Karen currently serves as the church office assistant. Sister K also plays piano for worship, and keeps loads of church history in her memory. 


    addme Back row: Kelly Milner, Mario Cazaras, Danny Megui, Benny Megui, Mike Henry, Doug Richey. Front Row: Barbara Richey, Karen Killingsworth, Paula Milner, Danielle Frias, Mary Megui.

  • Paul Killingsworth

    addme Paul, most commonly referred to as Pastor K, is now Pastor Emeritus of Yuma First Assembly. He still participates whenever possible, speaking some Sunday mornings, taking a turn teaching Wednesday nights, and occasionally leading Tuesday morning prayer.